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With a long-running history in the St. Louis area, Chesterfield Tailoring delivers excellent service and custom clothing.

Endless Alteration Options

We have high quality fabrics and services to help with ANY projects you have.

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Your clothing will be altered and finished to look the same as the professional standards you would expect from new garments. Your suit will look and fit like a custom suit, without the high-dollar price on custom-made clothing.
Pants Shortening (Cuff / Plain)
Jeans Shortening
Shirt Sleeves Shortening (Mens & Womens)
Jacket Sleeve Tapering
Jacket Sleeve Shortening
Jacket Sleeve Lengthening
Jacket Shortening Collar
Jacket Taken In
Jacket Shortening
Jacket Taken In with Blades
Jacket Narrow Shoulders
Plain Dress Shortening (2 layers)
$40 - 60
Dress Taken In Under Arm
Silk Shortening (Wide dress, Depends on layer amount)
$60 - 100
Fancy Hem Shortening
$100 - 200

Our Process

Our Service Guide guarantees a perfect fit.
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You will receive a courtesy call to confirm the details and arrange a meeting at our Chesterfield location.

The Fitting Process

At the meet, we will gather all necessary detailed specification to design your suit or alter your garment. It is here that your questions and concerns will be addressed, providing relative information to build your profile.


–   Body measurements required.
–   Final fitting.
–   Fit guarantee.


After alterations, you will receive your garment:


–   Pressed.
–   Ready to Wear.


We always appreciate repeat business and recommendations to friends & family.

"Gary Dubinovsky and his team are real pros."

"They do great, great work."

"They're affordable."

Ted Gottlieb, Realtor


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